Saturday, August 3, 2013

MTC Pictures!

July 31, 2013 We're Bustin Outta Here!

Holla Familia!
Que pasan ustedes?! This week has been a blast! We got one of our investigators to babtism and also mike is here!!! We had dinner one night and he seems like he is doing well I cant tell you how good it is to see a familiar face around here! We talked about the good ol days and whats been going on since. i gave him the intro to the mtc and it was just like the good times exept we were in suits and I spoke spanish to him. Speaking of spanish guess what?! you know Colgate? like the toothpaste?! Colgate means hang yourself!!! How terrible is that?! Anyways I just thought that was terrible and also a funny way example of that you should check your company name before hand.
So this crazy thing happened on sunday we were walking around the temple and I saw Ben Patch!! From BYU Volleyball! The super good one!! i went up to him and we talked for a little and took a picture it was super sweat!!!! So yea that was like the highlight besides the talk we got last night from Brian Richards. Two words BEST. TALK. He talked about missions. He said that he was part of making preach my gospel he said that "preach my gospel was designed behind the vail and put together on earth" Yea bet you wanna read it now huh?! He pretty much said if you listed closley that angels helped them make it. How cool is that?! Then he said that for decades now they have wanted to change the age for missionarys but the time wasnt right. How neet is it that my age group was preserved for all time to come in this day to serve this purpose. When i say it like that it becomes so real and i get so pumped and trust me it is very, very obvious that the lord has his hand in this work. That being said, he also said the lord does not need "spiritual weaklings" and its true. This day is for those who are ready and who have a desire to serve and the lord needs all he can get. I dont know whats going on upstairs but the more the general athorities talk the more clear it is that the fight is about to change and saten and his cunning plans will sweap the earth and if we are not worthy and steadfast in the lord we will be taken. We were not called to this day to pass though earth and take a few tests. We were preserved for this day to fight saten and you can just feel it when you are out here.
Intense stuff huh? Well Im excited to leave its getting more real and we are starting to pack. ill send out and email when i get there with my new address other then that send your last letters!! I really like to hear from my siblings ;) even if i cant respond please still write i like to hear whats going on and i will try as soon as I can!
OH!! Grandma said a train crashed in spain well guess what?! one of the missionarys was hurt in the crash but did not die and is fine BUT! There is an elder her who because he didnt get a visa he was supposed to be on that train with that missionary and because of the delay he avoided the crash and might have died. You thinkin what im thinkin?! Yea the church is true.
Other then that its the same old mtc we know and love full of class, food, short gym times, study and carpet walls. Yup im livin the high life (Spiritual high life!!)
Everyone listen to some Rooney this week for me and maybe Atlas Genius. We just got an austrailian elder and he loves them so we are best friends.
See you in the swamps!!
-Elder Drollinger

July 24, 2013 The Daily Grind

Que tal mi amigos life is good in the mtc!
The order of the email is not in order of what happened but its all the real thing haha
First, Hermana Southwick turns out is a super star. Her family was featured on doomsday preppers you all should watch it her dad she says is scared of a biological attack so they have a bio-something cabin as a back up I think its hilarious but they have sice been on david lettermen, cnn and a bunch of stuff so thats pretty cool.
BIG NEWS: The standards changed for missionrys go look it up but I cant have a backpack so I need a book bag! So shop now and send me your favorites!!! Ill get it on amazon later. or birthday?! ;)  Also nbd but elder bednaur and I have the same scriptures and case so Im pretty much on track to be in the 12. I also discovered this week the glory of mormon vids. you should look up ryan watts he is a super great guy!
As for the program we use for language we use this thing called TALL 4.0 i think the church produced it but im not sure. Speaking of the language its Super Bien!! I love talking with the natives here and I can talk to them in all spanish for hours its my favorite thing to do cuse I can practice and the member sacrifice so much to be on missions and they have super awesome conversion stories.
This week the protesters came again but everyone gave them the cold shoulder and did even look at them because they were scary or something idk but elder hale and I went and shook all their hands. They liked it and they stopped yelling their message to everyone for just a little. After they preached about our bravery and how jesus really love us it was great. I know jesus would be kind to them and so I shook their hands. It made me sad that so many others were scared Idk what was going on there. Anyways we get our flight plans tomorrow and we are so pumped its crazy but then we have to wait one more week then we throw up the duces to the mtc for good!!! Also vollyball is super awesome our zone plays a ton and the courts are right by the temple and we always play in the sunset overlooking the valley is great and It brings me back to colorado i love it!
Other then what you see not really a whole lot jammin around here im going to try to find mike tonight. OH! Justin Call is here I was his compainion for like 4 hours HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! I thought it was pretty sekya (tongan for "sick bro")
Anyways gotta jet im off to smaller and less exciting things then a computor havent seen one of these things since nam it feels like. Anyways have a good week!!!
-Elder Drollinger

July 10, 2013 Que Pasa?

holla familia!!
Wanna hear the miracle story of the week? So hermana lee, (a sister in my district) had a really bad skin thingy (idk really know much about it) but it was painful and the doctors have never seen it before. So she went up to me and asked for a blessing. I said yes and we did it that night. After the blessing she rose up and and had no more of the rash. CRAZY!!! The preisdhood is real!!! Its times like these that really make the mtc meaningful. They have us schedualed 25 hours in one day it feels like. To push all the missionarys out they have us study crazy amounts of time and then make us learn so much. Nobody really has time to even eat. Their is always a lesson to plan and no enough time to learn the vocab for it. But the good news is I learning spanish really fast. The days seem like years but the weeks seem like days. which makes no sence but thats how it is around here.
People I saw this week- Elder slaugh, luke. Sister lange and call. she ended up having the option for surgery so she flew to LA this morning but If it continues she will have no choice but surgery. OH! also we saw stadium of fire!!! president let us stay up way latet and eat ice cream and watch 17 miricles till they started at 10. We still had to get up at 6 the next morning. But it was worth it!!! 
I think I just report on the fun stuff but If you want a report on the boring stuff, Ill do it. Class is like school but every time you mess up the lord kicks in and makes you look good so if you ask my investigators how my spanish is they might like it but i still have trouble breaking down what they say. I m good with sounding good and vocab but if I ask a question then im in trouble cuse i have no good responses! k well gotta jet! The district is good. Elder hale is good and is teaching me hawaii terms which is pretty cherry (good, cool, or tight yo) so thats fun. My and elder andrews talk about farm stuff and mountains and me and elder page just hang out and talk spanish. So I got it all covered. Say hello to everyone! And give them my address! 
Con Amor,
Elder Drollinger

July 3, 2013 Sup Familia

Things at the mtc have been going super well! IDK if i told you this but after I walked into the mtc elder perry walked right in after my and he talked to my group! The district is working super hard and everyone is so dilligent in learning the language and the gospel. We work so hard to support each other. I was a little taken back when one of the sisters asked me to give her a blessing. i did it and the spirit was so strong and it brought our district together. 
  Please use dear elder and write me letters!! I want to know how you guys are doing!. Especially my siblings :) Also, tell marianne to text squid and tom and give them my address. Also send a text to chip and tell him his sister is doing well and tell him I see her all the time and she might get a blessing from me. his sister is getting her gal bladder out after a week in the mtc. (thats what the food will do to ya). The elders here are good at basketball and we have a few of the lone peak national champions in my zone. I hit 11 threes yesterday so now I have to gaurd them and they gaurd me. There is also some byu football players and baseball players so I look pretty tiny in my zone. we play lots of games and i can hang with them so it works out. The spanish is getting better and i love it! anyways I gotta switch my laundry so i gotta go!
-elder drollinger
p.s.s.s Love you :)