Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 3, 2013 Sup Familia

Things at the mtc have been going super well! IDK if i told you this but after I walked into the mtc elder perry walked right in after my and he talked to my group! The district is working super hard and everyone is so dilligent in learning the language and the gospel. We work so hard to support each other. I was a little taken back when one of the sisters asked me to give her a blessing. i did it and the spirit was so strong and it brought our district together. 
  Please use dear elder and write me letters!! I want to know how you guys are doing!. Especially my siblings :) Also, tell marianne to text squid and tom and give them my address. Also send a text to chip and tell him his sister is doing well and tell him I see her all the time and she might get a blessing from me. his sister is getting her gal bladder out after a week in the mtc. (thats what the food will do to ya). The elders here are good at basketball and we have a few of the lone peak national champions in my zone. I hit 11 threes yesterday so now I have to gaurd them and they gaurd me. There is also some byu football players and baseball players so I look pretty tiny in my zone. we play lots of games and i can hang with them so it works out. The spanish is getting better and i love it! anyways I gotta switch my laundry so i gotta go!
-elder drollinger
p.s.s.s Love you :)

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