Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 24, 2013 The Daily Grind

Que tal mi amigos life is good in the mtc!
The order of the email is not in order of what happened but its all the real thing haha
First, Hermana Southwick turns out is a super star. Her family was featured on doomsday preppers you all should watch it her dad she says is scared of a biological attack so they have a bio-something cabin as a back up I think its hilarious but they have sice been on david lettermen, cnn and a bunch of stuff so thats pretty cool.
BIG NEWS: The standards changed for missionrys go look it up but I cant have a backpack so I need a book bag! So shop now and send me your favorites!!! Ill get it on amazon later. or birthday?! ;)  Also nbd but elder bednaur and I have the same scriptures and case so Im pretty much on track to be in the 12. I also discovered this week the glory of mormon vids. you should look up ryan watts he is a super great guy!
As for the program we use for language we use this thing called TALL 4.0 i think the church produced it but im not sure. Speaking of the language its Super Bien!! I love talking with the natives here and I can talk to them in all spanish for hours its my favorite thing to do cuse I can practice and the member sacrifice so much to be on missions and they have super awesome conversion stories.
This week the protesters came again but everyone gave them the cold shoulder and did even look at them because they were scary or something idk but elder hale and I went and shook all their hands. They liked it and they stopped yelling their message to everyone for just a little. After they preached about our bravery and how jesus really love us it was great. I know jesus would be kind to them and so I shook their hands. It made me sad that so many others were scared Idk what was going on there. Anyways we get our flight plans tomorrow and we are so pumped its crazy but then we have to wait one more week then we throw up the duces to the mtc for good!!! Also vollyball is super awesome our zone plays a ton and the courts are right by the temple and we always play in the sunset overlooking the valley is great and It brings me back to colorado i love it!
Other then what you see not really a whole lot jammin around here im going to try to find mike tonight. OH! Justin Call is here I was his compainion for like 4 hours HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! I thought it was pretty sekya (tongan for "sick bro")
Anyways gotta jet im off to smaller and less exciting things then a computor havent seen one of these things since nam it feels like. Anyways have a good week!!!
-Elder Drollinger

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