Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 10, 2013 Que Pasa?

holla familia!!
Wanna hear the miracle story of the week? So hermana lee, (a sister in my district) had a really bad skin thingy (idk really know much about it) but it was painful and the doctors have never seen it before. So she went up to me and asked for a blessing. I said yes and we did it that night. After the blessing she rose up and and had no more of the rash. CRAZY!!! The preisdhood is real!!! Its times like these that really make the mtc meaningful. They have us schedualed 25 hours in one day it feels like. To push all the missionarys out they have us study crazy amounts of time and then make us learn so much. Nobody really has time to even eat. Their is always a lesson to plan and no enough time to learn the vocab for it. But the good news is I learning spanish really fast. The days seem like years but the weeks seem like days. which makes no sence but thats how it is around here.
People I saw this week- Elder slaugh, luke. Sister lange and call. she ended up having the option for surgery so she flew to LA this morning but If it continues she will have no choice but surgery. OH! also we saw stadium of fire!!! president let us stay up way latet and eat ice cream and watch 17 miricles till they started at 10. We still had to get up at 6 the next morning. But it was worth it!!! 
I think I just report on the fun stuff but If you want a report on the boring stuff, Ill do it. Class is like school but every time you mess up the lord kicks in and makes you look good so if you ask my investigators how my spanish is they might like it but i still have trouble breaking down what they say. I m good with sounding good and vocab but if I ask a question then im in trouble cuse i have no good responses! k well gotta jet! The district is good. Elder hale is good and is teaching me hawaii terms which is pretty cherry (good, cool, or tight yo) so thats fun. My and elder andrews talk about farm stuff and mountains and me and elder page just hang out and talk spanish. So I got it all covered. Say hello to everyone! And give them my address! 
Con Amor,
Elder Drollinger

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