Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 12, 2013 Livin the Mish Life in South Burbank

Que tal one and all!

All I have to say right now is I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! This week was incredible! Louisiana is so great and the people here are even better! Its like im not even in America. I dont ever have to speak English because we live in like a hispanic area where nobody needs to speak english. All the stores are Spanish and all the restaurants are too. So thats really fun! Louisiana is SO green!! When I say I live in the jungle I really mean it! It feel like Im in jungle book with all the birds and random things we see. The other night we played soccer, we play every saturday with investigators and their friends as a way to get referrals and follow up with commitments. Anyways, the field is like the only place Ive seen where you can see the sky and I was lovin life yelling in spanish and playin futbol with my hombres. Life is good! I played so hard my feet bled and then I played some more because I loved it too much! (Thanks for the triple antibiotic meds Mom!) Dont worry my feet are fine and they are normal now.

We had the chance to serve in the bishops storehouse as well and that was sweet! I just want to say one thing. It means so much to these people around here to have a place like that. Around here money is hard to manage and hard to come by and a job means the world to them even if it is washing dishes because it means their family can eat that week. So remember that each time you fast because these people will thank you forever.

Most of the people we work with are called chavos. Chavos are men who leave their country and work here and send money home to their familys. The people we really work with aren't really chavos though because chavos smoke and drink and aren't really faithfull to their fams but we are working with two houses packed with good men who have good intentions plus they live honorable lives. They come from Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and any other country you can think of. They also cook like crazy and I am now super biased towards in-state spanish speaking because I get to sample foods all around the world and I am loving it! Every house no matter what it looks like or who lives there will offer food to you. THey say the spanish elders get the most fat because more people feed them.

The branch we work with has about 40 members and we pull from the entire city. It is so small we meet in the releif society room for sacrament. They are the best and their is plenty of work to do. We have 6 missionarys serving including me in the branch and we keep busy. The problem is most members work for American Way which to me sounds like a get rich quick scam but I guess people get by but they work on sunday so its hard to get people to come to church because whatever job it is they need money over church when they would get the blessings if they went church over money.

I am sooo lucky because the temple is like, right around the corner from where we live AND I went already! We are the only missionarys who get to go because the branch needs the missionarys to go to help people and the english elders cant go because their wards take up the space but because we are so small branch temple night isnt filled up and we "have to" go. Sounds tough huh?! But it is super tiny, like, smaller then Vernal but just as awesome. I Love the temple!

So yea thats my life we are working on a man named bonie and we gave him the babtism date but we shall see if he comes to church he didn't yesterday :( We teach a lot but it is hard. It sounds like their hasn't been a babtism here since feb!! We just work with retaining the members we have too a lot but at the same time we teach a lot too idk how to explain it.
Anyways life it good, the grass is green, the food is incredable, the spanish is hard but I love it and God is good!
-Elder Drollinger

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