Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 26, 2013 What week is it I have no idea how long ive been here

Que pasan todos?!
This week was a tough one but it also brought lots of miracles! One of our investigators is in surgery right now he got shot awhile ago minding his own buisness and they are taking a bone from his hip and putting it in his jaw to replace it pretty crazy huh?! The more crazy thing is that I understood that in spanish hahaha We met a guy on saturday after nobody answered their door and we were just walking. He used to play for mizzu football but now his knees are so bad and he suffers from the injerys. They are the size of footballs and he can hardly walk or buy food to eat. The miracle is that he used to investigate the church and he moved and was never found and we found him! We will see him tomorrow but we might have to turn him over to english missionaries but I dont want to. THe gospel will bless his life so much so pay you fast offerings for my new brotha Gary! He could really use some prayers and other things and we are here to love him through his hard times. He has an apartment but not much else. The other miracle is we knocked on a door to find a guy we met the other day but he wasnt there and another guy opened the door. We said "Hello we are missionarys from the church of jesus crist of latter day saints" and then he said "Do you want to come eat tomorrow?" THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS! Let me tell you we can harldy get the few members we have to invite us over for food let alone a guy we never met. Its also a miracle because I prayed that morning that the people in this area would feed us and after a hard day i didnt think it was ok and maybe God was trying to tell me something but he really just wanted to see how bad I was willing to work for it. We found him at 8:40 and curfew is 9. It would have been so easy to go home but we are missionarys and the lord is gathering his sheep and we use all the time we got because their isnt enough time in the day to do all the things we need to do. GEAUX TIGERS!!! Grandma says they are 12th in the nation and people ca feel it! I cant wait to hear the stadium on the first day from where we are and people tell us they can. I got a tigers hat and shirt and Im ready to go! I spent my travel money on that haha the rest goes to food! Thank you for all the cards and such they were amazing I love getting letters! That way I dont have to spend all day reading.
Besides that life is good in the hood. Im not going to tell you what happened but we were out and an undercover 2013 Camero Cop Went in full pusuit. it is the coolest thing I have ever seen! It was strait out of need for speed! Well gotta talk to president but have a good week because I know I will!!
Con amor,
-Elder Drollinger

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