Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 29, 2013 Starting Over

Whats up everybody?! This week was slammin'!! I dont know why I said that but it was a super good week. We went on exchanges this week with the zone leaders and I held my own with just me being able to speak spanish. It definatly was a week a miracles!
Starting off... Im getting transfered. We got the call last night and Im not sure where Im going but we find out at transfer meeting tomorrow to figure it all out!  Really sad Im pretty bummed but at the same time I kindof knew it was comming and have been getting excited for it. Plus idk I just want to see the whole mission so thats good too! Im just really nervous for the people here.
Also David has a new date and he fasted this week so his dad could get papers to stay in the U.S. so that went super well I think they has their cort date either today or yesterday. We are going by later today. Also we have another new investigator with a date. Lauriano! Super solid guy but like everybody else he has a problem. He cant read! Everything we read to him he loves and he accepted babtism. We have been using the gospel art book to teach him and it has worked out really well. Its just going to be hard to get a testimony in a bood you have never read. But he says he knows the book of mormon is the word of God so Im actually not worried at all.
Roberto is... Oh boy a rollorcoster of emotions!! Its crazy over there! Elder knowlton and I went over there and he pulled us out of the house and told us not to come back. Pretty crazy after all the stuff we have gone through. But throught he persuasive power of the spirit and lots of stories and time we had FHE with them last night and he wants us to come all the time. He was just embaressed that he relapsed. So that is also starting over. He will report to rehab on janurary 2nd. Pretty rough house let me tell ya! but last night was a miracle and he feels the spirit big time and he knows what he has to do all he has to do is change.
We teamed us with 2nd ward and had a fall festival. I dressed up as Elder Knowlton and He dressed up as me (haha super creative I know) But we has a huge turn out and Ive havest seen so many members in one place in so long it was weird! Plus no member knew us so it was double weird. But David came and thats all that matters. Also the wilkersons came so that was a huge W for team missionaries. Other then that life is pretty cherry. biking is the best as always. Its still 80 degrees outside. And we got food in the fridge what more do you need? But I think thats all for today folks i will send out my new address when I can but for now jsut enjoy your halloween! WE are not allowed to go out so it should be a fun planning day in the new apartment. Welp. Geaux Tigers we had a nice feel good win for homecoming. Geaux saints. And Have a good week I know I will!
-Elder Drollinger   

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