Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 6, 2013 *Kind of a rated R letter heads up it was a wild week*

Dear Family!
Yea the heading says it all ive seen some crazy stuff this week kind of a downer but there is always Hope! Especialy after confrence! So is all started when on exchanges Elder O'donnal and I went to a dinner apointment. This in of itself is the tender mercy that this couple signed up. They are not married and the woman is 8 months pregnant. They are working on getting married. Anyways we pulled up and it just felt wrong. We went up to the house, the lights were on but nobody answered. We returned to the car and called our member that was going to attend with us. We then tried agein. They answered the door together, the moment they did so I had an overwelming feeling of darkness. I have not felt that way in a very long time or maybe ever. Tears were in both of their eyes and they asked us to come back later. Then they started fighting. Pushing , punches, screaming, swearing and all things ugly! I never prayed so hard for the spirit and for an angel then at that moment. Thats when we called President Wall! He said we couldnt call the cops because she had to call them so we could only watch through the window. We retreated to the car after it was clear we needed a plan. We called the member agein and he sped over. He came in to the house and we talked it out with them. He was our angel that came. He spoke with the spirit and knew the perfect thing to say. They calmed down and wept. We left the house with a kneeling prayer and left the rest to them and God. The next day we visited them. After we left they opened up The Proclomation to the world and read and counceled together! They apologized for their action and sought for repentance. They had changed! Im so greatgul they signed up on that day because God knew what would happen. What a miricle The Proclomation is as well!! It was a rollar coaster but they learned to turn in times of conflict to the Lord and his council. They are meeting with the branch president.
Next story of why I hate Saten and his war on the family. I got back the next day and a couple we are teaching asked us to translate. They said it was for a notary and we were just happy to serve we agreed! We got there and they were fighting in the car. Turns out they arnt married and they are making the document to give the child to the mom. So pretty much we were splittling up their family and translating so they could do so. Lots of more crying and fighting but I was expirienced now! I pulled out The Proclamation but they wouldnt have it. they read over it but did not accept. So she has the rights now to ashley the most precious little honderanian 3 year old on the planet Sad day. The next day we returned and tought The wife but the husband ran away. She is reading the Book of Mormon and progressing. Maybe things will get better I dont know it looks pretty grim for them. But do you see the diffrence in their lives?! The gospel is true and its only through it the family can be saved. Just listen to Elder Oaks talk! Crazy stuff...
I guess the other thing that gets me is drinking. That litteraly destroys homes. you know its about to get real when you walk up to a door and you crunch glass in your feet from all the broken beer bottles or all the dozens upon dozens of caps. But thats why God has missionarys right? I will be honest I did hit kindof a low point this week. After all of this I was on my bike. Sick and coughing and I thought "man things couldnt get worse right now" Then Karren our lovely friend in the Gulf Began to Pour buckets of rain on my head the entire day and to top it all off David couldnt meet with us this week and we need to move his date. So as I was sitting there in the rain I thought "this is the worst." then I just started thinking that this was what I prepped for my whole life was this moment right here!!! Was I going to give up? not a chance. So I drug Elder Andrews at the speed of sound on bikes visiting and teaching all that we could. Ill be honest GC got in the way a little bit. haha I remember we stopped at a light and Elder A said "Are you sure your are sick you look fine to me" hahah but the good news is I got a new inhaler SUPPRISE! Kindof saved my life a few times but i am getting better now and havent used it in about 24 hours it was a nasty sickness. but we got to go now and save blas our lovely friend who we need to save his life by translating at least he is taking pills now he needs sugery to take out his new grafted bone. The docters love us there.
Have a good Week I know I will!!
-Elder Drollinger

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