Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 14, 2013 The Weekly Grinder

Holla Familia! Como Estan Todos?
This week was a little better then last week. Actually a lot better now that I think about it but first things first. Some of you may be wondering how you pronunce "Geaux" Geaux is French but at the same time its not even french. Its a made up word but if you were french you would say is like you would say "Go". Since Louisianna used to be french the people root for their teams but saying that. For example "Geaux Tigers or Geaux Saints". Now you know (Rachel). haha This week we actually went down into New Orleans! They say its a city designed by the french and populated by the blacks and that is the most acurate description I could tell you about that place. Its a mad house! But! We did go see Drew Brees' house so that was cool its right by the Downtown apartment. There is still damage from Katrina way bad but people just kind of live with it. But is was a nice visit Elder Andrews passed his diabeties test so he can still be a missionary! We went with the office elders and ran some errends as well and we got to see most of the mission. It was great! The highlight this week was Roberto stopped smoking!!! He has been trying for 15 years and gavee up on it. When we talked about babtizing his daughter he got really into it and hasent missed church and want to meet with us. He went from 2 packs a day fro 2 years down to a half a pack a day 4 days ago and now he hasnt smoked in 4 days and counting. We need to get him to 7 to be official but the point is he has never done this before and we might delay the babtizm if president feels like he is worthy and if its something he want to do. But right now its the 27th of this month for the date. Which is the same date that Juan our secritary in the branch is going through the temple for the first time! Im pretty stoked and its the last saturday of the transfer so im safe! We also went to the temple this week! What a great expirience that was!! The temple on the mission just seems like such a blessing and especially for us becasue we might be the only area or missionarys that get to see it every day. Its better then home! But seriously its a crazy blessing and Im so glad we have it! But yea it was a good week and I needed it. This week elder McCutchoun and I are on exchanges. He is only a transfer ahead of me so it should be fun for two new people to spanish to have an area to ourselves but im not worried at all we both speak super well, but its going to be great he is an amazing elder who has had to go through a lot. Im sad to hear about the wheat this year thats a real bummer and Im really sorry.
I guess you could say the harvest out here is going great the sister's babtizm is friday and I know this is going to open the flood gates for our area and we should have a way good turn out from our investigators because babtizms for hispanics are a huge deal. Plus we talk to everyone about it haha. We also have a new investigator or a few actually. The Gomez family! The husband and wife, and his father all live in the same house and are solid and it sounds like they took lessons in honduras. The catch is is the husband (David) just got taken to imigration and is awaiting deportation. She is like 3 months pregnant and living with her father in law so its an intresting situation. But they are solid as a rock!
Soccer this week was good i scored 3 goals and was even a team capitan! Better watch out marianne! They have a semi-pro leauge here and they play for money. Thats the guys we play with and they are good but I am fast so it makes it fun. But they mean buisness and they dont play around when it comes to soccer it dosent matter how good of friends you are you are never that close. Its great. Anyways I gotta run but Geaux Tigers! Dr. Wittenburg came by it sounds like he might have seen me we spent all weekend on the bikes on burbank where everyone goes to to get to the stadium. Who Dat' Geaux Saints 6-0? Sounds like they are doing good as well. Have a good week I know I will.
-Elder Drollinger
sorry no bugs this week but I did run over a dead armadillo with my bike

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