Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 19, 2013 Life in the Swamp

Que tal one and all!
This week being my birthday week I should have expected it to be crazy but I never knew I would be like this haha.
I guess the highlight of my week eas friday (my b-day). My comp woke up and had been throwing up all night so we went to an urgent care. Turns out, urgent cares here are only open from like 7-12 at night but the 4th one was open. He got scremed at by a big black lady who thought he was going to die and she told us to run to the E.R. So we went to taco bell haha and ate some b-day burritos till sister wall told us we could go. So then I spent the rest of the day in the E.R. and turns out he had a kidney stone and he passed it yesterday! In the ER the chairs are all facing the tv and so all day I was like forced to watch a marathon of Dog the bounty hunter hahahaha he is crazy and I guess it takes place in colorado springs and denver so I guess satan really knows how to tempt you! I read my scriptures and drew and lots of things but It was so loud that I could hear it the whole time. Anyways that was a fun day and to top it all off my district and I brought members and investigators and we went to a mexican place and Sister Burns went up and played for the mariachi band for my birthday!!! It was so fun and the food was so good! Sister burns is a music major and actually already graduated boise state and played in a mariachi band hahaha So that was my birthday! Pretty sweet! Everything all day was so funny even though Elder Andrews was in a lot of pain we had fun and he got the help he needed!
As for Bany (or in english Bonie) He needs a little more time. A really bad influence moved into his place (a chavo) and the drinks were pouring the last time we passed by so we are going to help him out with that. We found some new potential investigators and they have a ton of potential!! We are really excited to begin teaching them this week.
Last P-day we went to LSU Campus!! It is super super super pretty and it really just wanted me to go to college more. The buildings and the history and everything is so crazy awesome! I will send pictures in this email. GEAUX TIGERS!! FIRST GAME IS IN 14 DAYS!! We went into the music building and saw the stage and practice rooms and it was all legit! We even went to the student Union haha It was like we were college kids except we were in our mission clothes so we stood out pretty well haha Going to college there would be sweet! The grounds are unlike any other that I have seen! The stone is amazing!
Overall this week was a little frustrating with the work but the branch is moving foreword and we have 7 investigators at church yesterday! of 50 total at church including 6 missionary 2 senior missionary's and every baby there haha but everyone counts!
Im also on the hunt for some sweet soccer boots so if anyone has some suggestions my feet would like it haha soccer is the best finding tool we have besides english class and my feet get torn up so Im looking!
Several people this week stopped us and wanted to sincerly thank us for what we do. The lord has been preping the south and soon Im sure I will explode with members. Mitt Romney really blesed the bible belt! Everyone realizes who we are and that we are belives in Crist just like them and we mean to live the principles we preach on sunday. They really like that about us especially the babtists!! They love mormons!!! 
Good luck this week and have a good one because I know I will!
-Geaux Tigers!
Elder Drollinger

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