Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 23, 2013 Hola Familia!

CONGRATS TO RACHEL!!!!!!! Thats sweat!!! Nicaragua will be great and I hear if you talk to people they get babtized within the week hahaha The work here is on FIRE!! The sisters have an investigator who is getting babtized the same day as David!! Thats 2!!! Since Febuary!! The branch is going crazy as well! We are currently in operation Buble Burst. We are trying to get so many people to church that president has to put us in the chapel and re-arrange the whole schedual Muahaha its a great plan and our branch President isi working really hard to fight for it in the meetings. All the members as well are really catching the vision and are more dedicated then ever. With these babtisms the work I know will explode. Im on top of the clouds after this week! Aslo, this man who stuggles with smoking and he wants to babbtize his daughter but he cant, anyways he realized that he is holding her back and she is getting babtized as well!!! AHHHHH!!!!! He has really come a long ways esspecially in the past 2 weeks!! I think the diffrence is FHE! They are now holding in their house and the spirit now can dwell there and it makes ALL the diffrence so have FHE it changes lives!! PLUS we are stil working with Peter, man I love that guy he is just sweat and so preped its not even funny... We are so blessed as well! At bishops store house they accidently sent a ton of extra food so they gave it to us and all the baton rouge missionarys that were there as well! Our cubords are stocked and our freezer is full! I dont know if life could get and better right now.. Oh yea! We also played soccer in the pouring rain this week and it was a blast!! Its way more fun that way. We got dumped on on saturday... Speaking of which on top of all that a couple in our ward got sealed!!!! on Saturday!!! We went and it was so great if not the highlight of the week if there was one. That was a great day! After we went to an all you can eat buffet and celebrated with their childen (they are older and not members) it was great for them to see their parents litterally glowing in happiness and the joy they recieve from the temple. I hope they see that and want it in their lives. Yea like I said the branch is on fire and its only getting better! LSU is cruzing ferom what I hear. We had Ihop on saturday as well and ate with all the tailgaters it was sweat. Plus we randomly found a girl on the street who stopped us. She was babtized about a year ago and even keeps in contact with her sister missionary. She moved from den springs and didnt like the ward but thats ok becasue the LSU ysa ward has a new member now! i dont know if we will ever see her agein though because the sister missionarys took over. Thats ok though. OH! Spider is Louisianna are HUUUGGGEEEE!!! We were biking and I though I was cool by going off the road. NOT! Here down south the road is the only place that is not swamp so you just have to realize that. Anyways I drove though a spider web I couldent see. Then, the largest Banana Spider was on my handle bars. I stared death right in the face and it was right by my hand. Thanks to my stength and courage I threw my bike down and ran away like a little girl. its mouth might could have taken off my arm in one bite. Not really but it was about the size of my hand and thats pretty big if you come from the west. Plus is was yellow and black it was pretty nasty. Anyways were are about to go play ball and translate for a court case (turns our we have another job! Playing lawer!) Its going to be fun Ill talk about it next week. Have a good week I know I will!!!!!
-Elder Drollinger

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