Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 17, 2013 The Latest from the Field

Como Estan Todos?!
Sounds like their is a ton going on in the outside world! Sounds like Boulder got hit pretty hard as well. 17 inches huh? Guess thats why is didnt rain here this week!! Im glad you all had fun at the farm as well Im sad I had to miss out! We are actually digging a garden this week for a member tomorrow so im pretty excited for that! There is nothing like manual labor in 94 heat with 80% humidity haha This week was crazy though!! The exchange went super well and I got to be a college kid for a few days! haha We did freedom speach ally where we get people to sign up and ask questions on campus its great! i also went to my first 2 singles ward and institute activities haha It was weird and it was also weird because I did it as a missionary but it was fun we played ultamite frizebee and the other we had lunch! There was a member who took us in his super nice BMW as well it was a blast! We tracked around campus and saw all the tailgating (people here tailgate all week its crazy) To top it all off we got invited to dinner at an investigators house. 
This week we finally contacted Peter!! He is from he carribian and he has the coolest aura I guess you could say he is too legit! We commited him to babtism and he gave up drinking in one lesson and we hardly said a word! Too bad he is english haha and we are turning him over in our next lesson tonight. sad day. But he is giving us a carribian bbq so Im stoked about that!! He is soo golden! THe other cool part is David! (He is ours for real) He got a date!!!! He is so ready! October 12th is the day and we are biking with him to church because his dad wont wake up to give him a ride but he is soo golden as well. This week finally paid off Im on top of the clouds. It dosent even feel like Im on a mission any more in the sence that I just living life and sharing the gospel. People look at you weird and treat you diffrent but its all good.
Spanish is going well we have been translating a lot and Im getting pretty good! i dont have to worry about it so much and I can just talk like a normal person insted of looking super novice while I speak haha
Oh! also this week is transfers so thats why Im writing on tuesday. Im staying here with Elder Andrews but Elder Page is leaving :( Other than that our district is the same.
Welp! We are about to go play some frizbee at LSU so i guess I will see y'all next week! Eat some cajun food its super good and drink some Orchata and Alovera Drink they are so so so so so good I love it!!
have a good week I know I will!!!
Mischif Managed
-Elder Drollinger 

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