Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 3, 2013 Hola Familia

Que tal one and all!
This week was a crazy one and one for the journal. This week was the first of the month so we fasted. BUT, we forgot we had Futbol (yea its Futbol not soccer) Anyways you sweat a whole bunch down here when you play and we played for like 3 hours you all know how I am with sports and anyways the next day was terrible and I was so dehydrated but its all good because im still alive haha it was too fun. Also while we are on the subject I got new Tacos! (Cleats, yup sounds just like the mexican tacos) They are sweet my life is changed and I dont slide around now. I even scored my first goal and got some mad props from the latinos so it was great and we got a ton of members and investigotars there as well as potentials its a legit finding and streanghtening activity.
Still no dates or nothing for our investigators. Drinking is evil and I hate it enough said. But we are moving foreword with David! He is 16 and his mom is an inactive (we have lots of those) but he is on fire but we need his dads permition. Once he lied and said he was 18 but later he told us the truth so we are working on that!.
Yesterday a peruvian Member made us some legit peruvian food with some pepper that only grows in peru. Its called Chile Mansano and it is HOT HOT HOT! but the flavor was so good and it tasted amazing I love the food we eat! To break our fast we ate a 32" Louisianna Po-boy sandwich from the locals. Its hard to be hungry after one of those!!
Guess what, we are making a community garden!!! And the coolest part is we are working with all the local churches. To help, we might get a Truck! Slivarado 1500!! The zone leaders dont need it and are talking with president to give it to us to help our with hauling tools dirt and other things. When you leave propety alone down here for more then a month it litterally turns into the jungle book. Some abandon complexes have trees growing out of them and its no diffrent then the ruins in south america with all the concreate and building so it should be hard work ours isnt that bad but it will be diffrent. Ill try and send pictures I forgot my camera. Today im going on exchanges with the zone leaders you can ask dad how that turned out but its complicated. Next week Im going to New Orleans!! or the next im not really sure but Elder Andrews is diabetic so he needs his checkup down there so we will spend some time in more doctors offices which is always fun. One of our investigators had surgery this week. A man shot him in the face and it was a random hate crime. Anyways they took a bone from his hip and put it in his jaw. We gave him a blessing and is the same ol Blas (thats his name) he is home now and is doing very well. Elder Andrew and I sang songs to him on the guitar and I forgot to tell you but Elder Andrew is in the Byu Mens chorus!! So he makes me look pretty bad but it was a really spiritual moment. I dont know why people have to do things like that it makes me sick. Especially to these people. They work so hard to be here and get treated like crap. Anyways thing are good we are working hard and sweating more. Oh! We found a family and they moved from Downtown Denver and are really into the gospel (How could I forget!!) They are legit and I cant wait to go on saturda agein to see them! Awesome family!! Well thats pretty much it. I love the food I love these people!! Have a good week I know I will!
-Elder Drollinger

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