Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 9, 2013 The Weekly Grinder

Como Estan Todos?!
This week was pretty chill and rainy!! Our friend Hafiz (he is african) has his brother over and went to soccer they are legit and we are working on getting the english missionarys there but for now they are our friends. He takes us whereever we need to go pretty much haha he is a public defender working on his 2nd bar exam. He is legit and has the sweetest family. Blas is doing good we just have been singing songs and translating medical stuff for him. Our new investigator Maricio is doing very very well and I think will get a date! THis other family as well is ready and I love them because the ask questions! Its easy to see what they need and to help them I wish everyone was that cool. THere are so many other people its crazy and I wish you could get to know them like i do and more important I wish you could eat the food they give us its unbelievable but small haha currently all the food we have is 20 pounds of rice and double that in mayo hahaha btw if you watch nacho libre and they put mayo on their corn, its legit, they love that stuff and put it on everything and yes we are going shopping today should be fun! This week Im going on exchanges with the zone leaders to LSU campus! (Im pretty sure) Im stoked it should be a blast. Other then that idk life is good. Oh I forgot my camera again sorry haha next week will just have to be a flood of pics.
Have a good week I know I will!
-Elder Drollinger

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