Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 30, 2013 Hola!

Phew! just got back from the hospital! Translating is stressful esspecially when you are needed on p-day buts all good I love the hospital!!! Its a great place and I love the way it runs its beautiful! Two words. HUGE ROACH!!! Last night the biggest thing I had ever seen came across our floor Im talkin Big TIme!!! At least 4 inches long and 2 across and if you count the antennas it was at least 8! We cought it and but a basket on it. Then it busted out, crawled up Elder Andrews leg and he kicked it out it was so funny and discusting at the same time. Dont worry its dead but it took a lot of effort and paper towels. The work is moving foreword really well and we got feed this week! A man from Idaho working with a hispanic here feed us they are solid and both served missions. David is doing ok I guess we are working with his dad he is really holding him back. But its going to happen I just know it! We actually did a lot of service this week and we are still working with pete becasue whenever the eenglish missionarys come he is not home (bummer!) hahaha Im not too upset :) We did a lot of finding too which is a favorite avtivity of mine because you meet some flat out weird people and its great haha. Since i came from the hospital I dont have pictures from the culture night they are back at the apartment but holy smokes hispanics know how to throw a party!!! We had decorations, live band, tons of food and triple the number in our congergation came!! Then only like 50 came to church but at least we got them in the door! Our president dressed up and the tables were pushed aside for dancing it was like... crazy!!! Plus the food was good haha. We are getting excited for general confrence and so are the members and we have a bunch of investigators coming aleady so I hope its good! Anywasy I gotta go I might finish emailing later we got cut short today but i will finish!
-have a good week I know I will! Geaux Tigers (Supid Georgia)
-Elder Drollinger

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